Ms Fetish Eagle

Ms Fetish Eagle

Today 31/10 (when we suppose to hold the Leather Pride Amsterdam 2020) Karin West will congratulate the new Ms Leather Netherlands (on-line event). From that moment on, the Netherlands will have two Ms Leathers, until the installation as Ms Fetish Eagle 2021 can take place in the Eagle Amsterdam.

Yes you hear it right! Eagle Amsterdam will have its own “Ms Fetish Eagle Amsterdam” every year. Soon you we will announce when the installation will take place. Every year the Ms Fetish Eagle Amsterdam can be also candidate for the Ms Leather Netherlands election.

To quote the Ms Leather Organisation:

“A new Ms Leather Netherlands 2021 yes you read that right. In these bizarre times we still wanted a new Ms Leather! This time different from the other 2 times, but it’s not about the party but what you do with it. Collaboration visible together is our motto and we show that very clearly this year!”

Ms Fetish Eagle Amsterdam is proudly sponsored by RoB Amsterdam

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