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Ready2Play – Men-Only

Ready2Play – Men-Only

What is it?

Ready2play organizes several play parties for men-only in which we created the space and atmosphere to freely experiment with the entire spectrum of BDSM. In addition to the relaxed atmosphere we would like to offer fully safe environment to cater for inhibited and respectful play you might wish for.

Inexperienced & Experienced

The Party is a party for the BDSM players but it is also a party for newbies who desire to explore BDSM game. To put it simply,it is a party for whoever would like to join in the play. The mix of experienced and less experienced people there is an opportunity to try out and experiment with new things. And it is also the place where you can enjoy your delicious fetish and feel free in your rubber, leather, latex, lycra, sportswear, etc.

Your first time at a BDSM party?

Nobody expects you to do anything against your will. If you simply want to hang around with your drink at the bar or just watch and learn some tricks that is fine as well. Share your great imagination and experiences with the others to boost the fun level and make the most of the night! Ultimately, we all want to play. Along with the Eagle Amsterdam, we have created some extra opportunities to play nice and cozy. Are we missing out on anything? Any suggestions? if so let us know so that we can make it even better for you next time.

House Rules

* We are a Safe Sex Zone, which means that everything is provided and in place to have safe sex. We strongly recommend the safe sex practice and No drugs policy!
* Respect each other’s game.
* Respect the word “NO”.

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