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on October 4th, 1979

Eagle Amsterdam and Dirty Dicks

Eagle Amsterdam is one of the oldest fetish spaces in Amsterdam. Since 1979, our doors have welcomed guests from around the world, visiting to partake in the city’s rich sexual-social culture and history. Located next to the Red Light District, in the oldest residential building in the Netherlands, our dancefloor and cruising spaces have hosted thousands of kinky and queer people for many unique events.

We host almost 150 various kink, fetish, and community events throughout the year. Some are the most niche fetish social gatherings, while others are the more hard-core style sexy parties. Ready2Play, the BDSM play event that brings experienced and new kinksters together, Spandex Party NL, for Lycra lovers, Golden Showers party at Dirty Dicks is the wet dream event that you can’t find anywhere else, and the very popular Puppy Play Party, where almost 100 puppies sniff around, enjoying each other’s company – we have something for everyone here.

Gay, bi, lesbian, trans, queer, non-binary, straight, kinky, questioning, and open-minded – you will find the right party and place with us. We host many different events, but we always provide a safe space for our guests to gather for fun, exploration, and connection with like-minded individuals. Amsterdam’s progressive and powerful reputation lives on through the queer and kinky spaces of Eagle Amsterdam.

Sunday & Thursday 23:00-04:00
Friday & Saturday 23:00-05:00
Extra events Saturday & Sunday (see agenda)
Gay Club Eagle Amsterdam the gay club for men-only on regular nights.

We have some awesome features

Highlights of The Night


A cozy bar with all kind of drinks. Our bar was recently fully renovated and removed to the other side of the club. During the week it’s a great place to socialize and meet new hot friends. Great nice and cozy corners, comfortable places to sit and chat.

Chill-Out Lounge

The Eagle has 3 levels for hot fun. The topper area is a Chill Out lounge with comfortable seats, benches and tables. In this area the music is less loud so you can have a nice chat with a great view down on the dance area.

Dance floor

A state of the art light & music system for the best experience to dance on the hot beats of the live DJ’s every weekend. I the whole bar you will find screens with visuals and music video’s. At the dance floor also equipped with a big LED wall.

Coat Check

You can leave your belongings in our guarded cloakroom, of course you can can access your belongings during the night. Please be aware of possible pick-pockets  in the darkroom, we do not take any responsibility for missing- and/or damaged items outside of the cloakroom.


The entire basement is a darkroom with many glory holes, cabins, benches, cozy corners, little lanes and every time changes facilities. Our design of the darkroom is unique, we are the only darkroom in Amsterdam that can change the setup, looks and excitement the way we want. Every event and even the regular nights have their own setup.


We have in the basement a dark urinal and upstairs the regular toilets like a urinal, a normal toilet and a (French toilet/Turkish toilet/hurktoilet) with a flush facility (cold water!).

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