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We are Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday open from 22:00. Friday and Saturday we are open until 05:00, Thursday and Sunday until 04:00. During special events and day parties we have other opening times. Please see our agenda for the special events and opening hours. For our kinky- and sex parties, please see our play-party agenda.

On regular nights there is no entrance fee, however during extra parties and also some daytime parties like the Horsemen & Knights, Naked, Ready2Kink and some other events there is a cover charge. See our agenda for additional info.

Every time when you enter the bar, the first thing you do is to order a drink. To check your coat is fine but then the first thing you do is order a drink. We do not have a entrance fee so a drink is required upon every visit without exception. If you want to smoke outside or if you need first to go to the toilet? Please ask first the barman. It is possible, when it is to busy, we ask you to order first. Please respect our rules so you can enjoy the maximum of your time.

Once you have given your bag/coat to the coat check/barman, it is put safe place to which only staff have access. Remember that wherever you go on the street or darkroom, it is safer not to carry large quantities of cash or valuable items, (such as phones, cameras or credit cards) with you. Eagle Amsterdam does all it can to protect your valuables, but we cannot take responsibility for items lost or stolen whilst in your possession.

Whilst Eagle Amsterdam does not condemn sex work, both prostitution and soliciting for sex are strictly forbidden. This applies to the bar and darkroom. Any person found to be engaged in prostitution or soliciting for sex will be asked to leave.

The use of any type of camera, (including mobile phone cameras), is strictly forbidden at Eagle Amsterdam. We respect the privacy of customers visiting our bar and expect our customers to do the same. Similarly, the carrying and use of mobile phones is not permitted.

Eagle Amsterdam is wonderful club where men meets men, there are men in all ages. Eagle Amsterdam is a club where you can sit at the bar, dance on the dance floor, chill-out in the lounge area and cruise in the basement if you like. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday we have live DJ’s, a great light and music system and during the week a nice and relaxed cozy bar. We play all kinds of music from dance, techno, disco, classics to pop and more. For special club events see our club agenda

If someone is bothering you, a simple and polite “NO” will suffice in any language. If you are being seriously harassed, please speak to a member of staff. Our experience is that customers who visit Eagle Amsterdam are very respectful of each other and harassment is very rare.