First Ms Fetish Eagle 2021

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First Ms Fetish Eagle 2021

First Ms Fetish Eagle 2021

First Ms Fetish Eagle 2021

The fetish world has gained one more title: Ms Fetish Eagle Amsterdam 2021. On 5 March, Karin Bleie officially received this title and the accompanying sash. With this title, Eagle Amsterdam emphasizes its ambassadorship in the fetish world, and also that present-day Eagle Amsterdam is much more than a men’s club only.

Internationally recognized title

A title like Ms Fetish Eagle is not just a prize that is awarded: it is an assignment to dedicate yourself to the fetish community. Each title holder may give their own interpretation to this. Internationally recognized titles create visibility and recognition, and create opportunities to represent and strengthen the community.

Experienced as an ambassador

Karin Bleie was an easy choice for Eagle Amsterdam owner Michael Roks: “Karin understands very well what it means to be an ambassador in the fetish world. She has been active in the fetish community and in the rainbow community for years, and as Ms Leather Netherlands 2020 she has been able to expand her network and her experience even more.”

The title Ms Fetish Eagle 2021 is perfect for Karin: not only will you find her as a visitor and organizer in the Eagle, she is also a sex educator, and she brings together various groups within the fetish community through events and social media. The fetishes Karin is most known for are leather and abdl, and she is also seen in rubber or in uniform regularly.

“Thanks to the title Ms Fetish Eagle 2021, I can commit myself better and more widely for the emancipation of fetish. I don’t just want to take fetish out of the taboo atmosphere, I also want to spotlight lesser-known fetishes. Because together we are strong, and we deserve to be there.”

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